Ghost Lake, AB

On Sunday, we decided to go see our inaugural sight. The destination: Ghost Lake, a man-made glacier-fed lake located just west of Cochrane. While we had our expectations set pretty low, when we finally pulled up into the gravel parking lot we were pretty blown away.

Something that the both of us really enjoy is just going for a drive with the music cranked really loud. We have spent many a summer night cruising to the other side of the city and back, making random turns until we finally figured out our way to the main road and headed back home. There's just something that feels really good about belting out your favourite songs at the top of your lungs while speeding down the highway - especially when you have someone there to harmonize with you. Whenever we go out I always drive. Adriana always picks the music.

It took a little less than an hour to get to Ghost Lake. Previously I had tried to look up pictures of our destination but pretty much nothing came up. So when we drove up and discovered people driving their trucks on the lake, all we could exclaim was "whaaaat? WHAT?!!!?" I'm not sure what Ghost Lake looks like on a normal winter day but on this particular day, when it was 13 degrees outside and the sun was just setting under a monster cloud, it looked liked we were standing on the sky. And it was absolutely perfect.