Fashion: I Know Everything and I Like Hats

When it comes to fashion, the both of us combined probably rotate between four shirts and one pair of pants. Still, I think it's fair to say that we both care about how we look and even though we are sisters we dress quite differently. Some may say that I've been a fashion authority ever since junior high when a popular girl broke into my gym locker and stole two of my sweaters. That's when I knew I had The Gift.

If there's one thing I love about fashion, it's wearing hats. I've been hooked on hats dating back to the ill-fitting yellow toque I bought from Urban Outfitters in grade 11. My favourite hats to wear are five panels AKA camp hats. People often refer to my five panels as snapbacks but (in almost all cases) five panels are not not NOT snapbacks. 

Here are a couple of handy tips for telling apart the difference between a five panel and a snapback:

  • Five panels have five panels 
  • Snapbacks have a snap back

I'll be honest -- five panels appeal to the pretentious part of me that likes having something that isn't everywhere and is not as overdone as the snapback. Generally, they are popular with streetwear fiends, skateboarders, rappers, and Kristen Stewarts. They are generally harder to pull off than snapbacks because the actual hat is shallower. Therefore, it can look silly on people with massive noggins (me) or fiveheads (the larger version of a forehead) and most people kind of look like Ness when they wear them.

So why get a five panel? I don't know -- I think they look cool and some brands make sick designs and I wear a lot of black so it adds some colour to my outfit. I also like to buy from companies that I genuinely like and whose ethos I agree with. As terrible as it sounds, the brand actually matters a lot when it comes to streetwear. The first camp hat I bought was from Nine Vancouver, who I became loyal to when I got my hat directly from their office in Vancouver's Chinatown and found out that they're cool people and have a big dog. So really, it's up to you to find your own preference.