Hello! We are finally back from our month-long sabbatical older, wiser, taller, and smarter. If you're wondering what I look like now, find an old picture of me and stretch it slightly.  Anyway, this past weekend I took a slight break from my busy schedule of staring at a wall to go to PARKSHOW, an art and fashion show featuring up-and-coming Canadian designers that took place in the Chinook Centre parkade.

Now, I know what you're thinking: "Why would you go to a fashion show? Don't you always wear the same outfit?" First of all, why are you so mean? Second of all, I actually really enjoyed the show and I found it interesting to see the intersection between clothes and art. 

My favourite collection of the evening came from S.P. BADU, whose clothing brought forth the idea of a "Post-Gender Future" with its unusual black and white silhouettes and drapey fabrics. As someone who favours androgynous cuts and feels a weird, strange sense of shame buying a jacket from the men's section I say BRING IT ON.

Allison volunteers with PARK and very generously bought my ticket to the show. Like, so generously I can't even believe it. She is definitely the best Seto. Along with helping set up the event, she also got the chance to take pictures both of the runway and backstage. If you want to check out more photos from the show, just click here.