Seto vs. Seto: Bánh Mì Showdown

What do Setos like anyway? To be honest, not much/nothing. We are a mean bunch and we are especially harsh when it comes to each other which is why we are all Very Well-Adjusted Adults. So what do we do when we're all home for the weekend? Have a showdown, of course, involving the only thing in this rotting world that matters: Vietnamese subs AKA bánh mì. In this competition, we each chose a sandwich we believed to be the best in the city. We would then try each sandwich and then determine which one was actually the best. 



Strengths: getting printers to work
Weaknesses: she's earnest; tends to be easily interrupted
Sandwich: Chicken Sate from Thi Thi Vietnamese Submarine 


Strengths: very flexible -- can touch her toes
Weaknesses: total hypebeast; has a dandruff problem
Sandwich: Chicken Sate from My Vietnamese Delight 


Strengths: literally strong; good at flying kites
Weaknesses: choosing a Vietnamese sub
Sandwich: Beef Donair from Jimmy's A&A Deli


Strengths: has a deep knowledge of honey
Weaknesses: Dave Matthews Band
Sandwich: Beef Sate from Bake Chef


So who emerged victorious? No one, to be honest. We all just really enjoyed spending time in each other's company. Let's be real -- this was pretty much an excuse to eat four different sandwiches. Basically, if you want a sub that has a really airy and toasty bread, choose Thi Thi. If you want a sub that mixes sweet and salty really well and has a softer bread, choose Bake Chef. If you are someone who really enjoys the taste of hoisin sauce, then eat the sub at My Vietnamese Delight and if you like donairs choose Jimmy's A&A Deli. That simple. They were all good and we are all winners so stop trying to pit us against each other, mom.