Nashville, You Are the Only Ten I Saw

Nashville was never on my list of places to visit. First of all, it's located in the bible belt, and I wasn't sure if my sacrilegious ass would spontaneously combust as we headed deeper south. Second of all, it's the home of country music, something I reflexively and irrationally abhor thanks to the celebration of ugly polyester plaid and delicious pancakes that is the Calgary Stampede. 

Nonetheless, the barbeque was delightful, the drag scene was fantastic, and the people were extremely generous with their soda sizes and their manners. I was charmed. We even got to see Shania's original animal print outfit from the Don't Impress Me Much video!

The thing about Nashville is that it makes you appreciate everything. I even let myself Live Laugh Love a couple of times. Nashville, you were a great time. Thanks for having us and congratulations on your tasty ribs! 

Thank you to iOS 11.4.1 for making this video possible.