Our Mom Makes Good Food: Home-Made Dumplings

With one of us just in Calgary for a co-op term and the other working a meagre part-time job, the both of us currently still live at home. While it comes with its disadvantages (lack of privacy, parents constantly asking what you're doing with your life, etc.), there is one very great advantage that almost makes it all worth it: our mom's cooking.

Our mom has always been a pretty amazing cook. She learned from her mom, who she says was an even better cook than she was. However, since she has learned how to use Youtube and spends hours upon end watching people make food online, she has really stepped up her game. 

Dumplings are a fairly simple dish. You can buy them frozen at the supermarket, throw them in the pan, and voila! Our mom takes it up a notch by hand making everything. Then she fries them for the perfect amount of time so they're golden and crispy. Eat with a bowl of porridge and some fried Chinese doughnuts, and you got yourself singing "dumplings! these are hella good duuuuuumplings!" over and over again till they're all gone.