The Devil Wears Whatever She Feels Like

I have always been anxious about many things -- spiders, death, sitting next to dirty windows -- to the point where I approach life the same way I approach trampolines: with great hesitance. But if clothing allows for one thing, it's the ability to live out an alter ego as someone else. For myself, this has meant dressing as a more fearless person, or what I perceive a fearless person to look like -- even though I usually end up looking like a mean stagehand more than a girl who rides motorcycles and watches French-films with no subtitles.

Obviously, one way I go about doing this is by wearing lots of black. There is a reason why black clothes are the choice of angsty teenagers at Hot Topics everywhere -- it's dramatic, but in a way that says you have deep thoughts and probably listen to music that nobody else gets, like The Smiths or something. It's also essential to wear androgynous jackets. This is to create the illusion that I cavort in places with dim lighting and loud speakers. In reality, I'm probably stuck in an endless loop of Gilmore Girls episodes, tucked in a Disney blanket while on some message board engaging in angry discourse about something important like the merits of scrambled eggs over poached.

My point is, even if you aren't the person you want to be doesn't mean you can't pretend. When I was a kid, this meant dressing like the Jonas Brothers. Nowadays, this means dressing like the Jonas Brothers but angrier. Regardless, wear what you want to wear as long as it feels good. Life's too short to care about dumb stuff like if it's basic to wear Uggs or whether flared jeans are back in. Just don't wear cargo shorts. Or fedoras. Or orange. Thanks.


Makeup: Jessie Sandhu

Studio: CA Studio